Todaro Classical Mandolin
I am proud to offer a mandolin whose body and neck are carved from one piece of wood similiar to our Akuleles.  I have been working on this design for several years and expect instruments to be available by fall of 2004. The body is constructed from solid Bolivian hardwood, the top is solid spruce and the fingerboard ebony.  The sound of this mandolin is powerful and balanced unlike the typical sound produced by most bowl back mandolins.  This mandolin has enough volume to play Bluegrass and can offer a variety of tones that also make it an excellent choice for classical and folk players.  Estimated street price $800.

Joseph Todaro
This photo shows the one piece back and neck construction. The wood is naranjillo
Grover diecast tuners offer precision tuning.
Beautiful binding and sound hole rosette add to the elegance of this unique instrument.  The strings I prefer are made by Daniel Mari and are constructed from silver wound on steel.
Joseph Todaro
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Lansdowne Pennsylvania